Ways My Two-Year Old Daughter Amazes Me

I was about to attach a number to the title of this post, but I figured why limit myself?

  • She can recite her ABC’s from A to Z (usually starting from the middle), says “YAY!” upon finishing the same way daddy does it, and rolls right into 1-20.
  • Avi learned how to move the swing back and forth by shifting her weight, all by herself.
  • Avi’s figured out how to operate the TV remote. And calls out the numbers when she punches the channel in. Couch potato in the making?
  • How a 2-year old can have enough energy to wear out two 30-year old adults AND a 7-year old is beyond me.
  • Ditto for going up and down the stairs for nearly half an hour without pause. And then proceeding to run around the living room for the rest of the hour.
  • Eating Cheerios like there’s no tomorrow. Or no “later”, either.
  • The only toddler I know that actually likes nori (Japanese sushi seaweed).
  • Her ability to memorize her favorite songs on Youtube.
  • And the way she grabs whoever is nearby when the video calls for a dance partner.
  • She memorizes the layout of any park she’s been to (and likes). Especially the location of the swings.
  • Avi actually coaches her grandmother on how to navigate Starfall.
  • The iPad. Oh, the iPad.
  • She sorts her Lego bricks by size and color.
  • She can kick a ball with better accuracy than her dad…
  • … but throws the same ball so badly it winds up BEHIND her.

And yes, I am aware that some toddlers will have developed faster or Avi may be behind on some of her milestones, but let me politely respond with, “I don’t give a crap. She’s cute and awesome and that’s all that matters.”


My Daughter is a StairMaster

Photo by Posh Living, LLC on Flickr


It’s practically a parenting requirement that you rock your toddler back to sleep when she has a nightmare in the middle of the night. Each toddler has their little “quirks”–tiny little preferences that soothe them and help ease them back into peaceful slumber. Some need a bottle. Others need a song. Mine?

Mine likes stairs.

As in really likes stairs. Get her within visual distance of a flight of stairs, and it’s like a candy store just jumped up in front of her. She’ll gladly (and tirelessly) run up and down it (with parent in tow, of course) for half an hour if need be, and woe to the unlucky adult who has to separate her from it.

“But wait,” you ask. “Do you mean to say you make her climb the stairs at 3 am in the morning to tire her out?”

No! No no no no no no NO no no NOOO! Of COURSE she doesn’t climb the stairs in the middle of the night.

That would be ME.

I don’t know what it is about the jerky motion of ascending and descending those steps, but it calms her down. And she doesn’t let me off easy, either. If I dare stop and rest, or step back into the hallway to a flat surface, she tells me (in the way of vocal toddlers), “I’m sorry daddy, but I would still like a little more time on the stairs. You can rest later, when I’m 5 years old. Please daddy? With sugar and maple syrup on top?”


To which I reply, “Yes, dear. I would absolutely love to take you another round. It’s only been 10 minutes, and daddy doesn’t really need to be entirely sane when he goes to work tomorrow. Golly gee, I don’t mind my legs turning to jelly at all.”

Translation: Sigh.

My daughter needs an infomercial.


Coming Up For Air

Coming up for air


Things have been pretty busy for me the past couple of weeks. I didn’t want to let this blog sit for too long without an update, but neither do I have time to do multiple updates, so I’m putting it all into one blog post. Warning, it may be long-ish.

Freelance Stuff

Good news: Quite a few projects going on. One that I’m really enjoying right now is doing mod reviews for a little game called Minecraft. I think I must be the only freelancer online being paid for this kind of thing. Most of my other projects are small but consistent, and that’s just what I need right now. Especially considering…

Bad news: … that a feature magazine article I wrote back in March has not yet been paid. The editor is ignoring my emails, even the ones with a copy of the contract that SHE gave me. Considering my options. More on this as it develops.

Baby Stuff

I think Avi is going to grow up to be a performer or something. She loves dance videos and imitates nearly every move she sees on-screen. In fact, she already predicts her favorite videos and beats the performers to the punch!

Creative Writing Stuff

I’ve been doing a lot of work on my first novel. I’ve written others before, but I’m hoping this will be the first one I actually COMPLETE. Things are looking good so far. I’ve set a fairly aggressive daily writing quota (for me anyway), and if I can hit that 3 times out of 5 I’ll still be in good shape. And before you ask, yes. I did hit today’s quota, and then some. Which is why I have time to blog.

Flash Fiction Online Stuff

Still slogging through the slush pile. There are days when I dread logging into Submishmash, but being able to find that one gem in all the muck is a rewarding experience.

Day Job Stuff

Have I ever done a post about my new job? I don’t believe so. Well, let me just say that In-house Marketing is a far cry from Agency Marketing. A far, far, FAR cry. I don’t think I’ve ever looked at this many spreadsheets before in my life. It’s all important though, and I do think I’m getting the hang of it.

Okay, I think that’s everything. I’ll try to work on a more topical post as my schedule warrants.

Speaking her mind

Avi, that’s who!

Avi just recently hit 19 months, and I’m happy to say her vocabulary is filling up. It’s mostly nonsense words and a smattering of garbled English and Chinese, but hey, whatever works, right? If her parents can understand her, then she can get what she wants. She gets what she wants, her parents don’t have to deal with a tantrum. It’s a win-win situation!

Here are a few of the more notable words in Avi’s vocabulary:

Nyam nyam – What could it be, you ask? Munchies! Vittles! Food!

Eme – A word Flossie and I love to hear. Avi-speak for milk. When she asks for this, it means she’s ready to go to bed.

Ap-to – Avi-speak for avocado. She looooves avocado. Except when she doesn’t.

UP! – Said when she wants to be carried. When she says that, you listen.

Dooooown – Said when she’s sick of being carried. Usually said two seconds after “UP!”

QuoiChinese for “open”. Usually said when she wants to be let out of the room and into the rest of the house. Followed closely by parents running around scrambling to catch up to Avi.

Ama – Avi’s word for “mommy”

Mama – Avi’s word for “daddy”

Crying at the top of her lungs -Avi’s word for “stranger”

Avi, Vidi, Vici

When Flossy and Avi decide to go out, do they go to the park? No, not in MY family! There are MUCH more fun places than that!

Avi at Chapters

A place you could get lost in.

This branch of Chapters is somewhat distant from our house, but it’s one of the nicest. You’ll see proof in a minute. In the meantime:

Now where's The Hunger Games at?

Oh, she had fun roaming the store all right. Flossy let Avi take the lead, and the little bookworm was navigating it like one of those garden hedge mazes. All that walking was making Avi (and Flossy) tired, so they decided to have a little diversion.

Hey, he's kinda cute...

They toyed around with the store’s Photo Studio. I suspect Avi was trying to find a way to print out pictures of cute boys and slap them on mugs. Flossy said no.

Her plans foiled, Avi went back to inspecting the premises.

Baby in the bookstore

Daddy, can I live here?

You know, I think she was having just as much fun peering around corners as she did outrunning Flossy. But then, Flossy wasn’t really trying to keep up.

Do babies need self-help books?

Avi would occasionally stop and window shop, of course. But all of her exploring was rewarded when she reached her mecca.

Aslan welcomes you, Avi.

Aaaaand Avi totally geeked out. And with good reason: apparently this branch had an award-winning kiddie section. Ya think?

*Sniff* (Wipes tear). I’m so proud. A return trip is definitely in order. Hopefully with daddy in tow as well.

The Big Top


Welcome to Avi’s home-within-a-home! It’s not much, just a little place where she can kick back, relax, and enjoy a women’s magazine or two (yes, she does read those. She likes health articles the best).

Every so often Avi will have guests, but the fire code limits the number of occupants to two full-sized adults at a time (and one baby).