Ways My Two-Year Old Daughter Amazes Me

I was about to attach a number to the title of this post, but I figured why limit myself?

  • She can recite her ABC’s from A to Z (usually starting from the middle), says “YAY!” upon finishing the same way daddy does it, and rolls right into 1-20.
  • Avi learned how to move the swing back and forth by shifting her weight, all by herself.
  • Avi’s figured out how to operate the TV remote. And calls out the numbers when she punches the channel in. Couch potato in the making?
  • How a 2-year old can have enough energy to wear out two 30-year old adults AND a 7-year old is beyond me.
  • Ditto for going up and down the stairs for nearly half an hour without pause. And then proceeding to run around the living room for the rest of the hour.
  • Eating Cheerios like there’s no tomorrow. Or no “later”, either.
  • The only toddler I know that actually likes nori (Japanese sushi seaweed).
  • Her ability to memorize her favorite songs on Youtube.
  • And the way she grabs whoever is nearby when the video calls for a dance partner.
  • She memorizes the layout of any park she’s been to (and likes). Especially the location of the swings.
  • Avi actually coaches her grandmother on how to navigate Starfall.
  • The iPad. Oh, the iPad.
  • She sorts her Lego bricks by size and color.
  • She can kick a ball with better accuracy than her dad…
  • … but throws the same ball so badly it winds up BEHIND her.

And yes, I am aware that some toddlers will have developed faster or Avi may be behind on some of her milestones, but let me politely respond with, “I don’t give a crap. She’s cute and awesome and that’s all that matters.”


2 comments on “Ways My Two-Year Old Daughter Amazes Me

  1. Wenk says:

    She IS awesome. Hope to see her soon! *hint*hint*

  2. Pauline says:

    Yay avi! Or… Ava.

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