Speaking her mind

Avi, that’s who!

Avi just recently hit 19 months, and I’m happy to say her vocabulary is filling up. It’s mostly nonsense words and a smattering of garbled English and Chinese, but hey, whatever works, right? If her parents can understand her, then she can get what she wants. She gets what she wants, her parents don’t have to deal with a tantrum. It’s a win-win situation!

Here are a few of the more notable words in Avi’s vocabulary:

Nyam nyam – What could it be, you ask? Munchies! Vittles! Food!

Eme – A word Flossie and I love to hear. Avi-speak for milk. When she asks for this, it means she’s ready to go to bed.

Ap-to – Avi-speak for avocado. She looooves avocado. Except when she doesn’t.

UP! – Said when she wants to be carried. When she says that, you listen.

Dooooown – Said when she’s sick of being carried. Usually said two seconds after “UP!”

QuoiChinese for “open”. Usually said when she wants to be let out of the room and into the rest of the house. Followed closely by parents running around scrambling to catch up to Avi.

Ama – Avi’s word for “mommy”

Mama – Avi’s word for “daddy”

Crying at the top of her lungs -Avi’s word for “stranger”


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