Avi, Vidi, Vici

When Flossy and Avi decide to go out, do they go to the park? No, not in MY family! There are MUCH more fun places than that!

Avi at Chapters

A place you could get lost in.

This branch of Chapters is somewhat distant from our house, but it’s one of the nicest. You’ll see proof in a minute. In the meantime:

Now where's The Hunger Games at?

Oh, she had fun roaming the store all right. Flossy let Avi take the lead, and the little bookworm was navigating it like one of those garden hedge mazes. All that walking was making Avi (and Flossy) tired, so they decided to have a little diversion.

Hey, he's kinda cute...

They toyed around with the store’s Photo Studio. I suspect Avi was trying to find a way to print out pictures of cute boys and slap them on mugs. Flossy said no.

Her plans foiled, Avi went back to inspecting the premises.

Baby in the bookstore

Daddy, can I live here?

You know, I think she was having just as much fun peering around corners as she did outrunning Flossy. But then, Flossy wasn’t really trying to keep up.

Do babies need self-help books?

Avi would occasionally stop and window shop, of course. But all of her exploring was rewarded when she reached her mecca.

Aslan welcomes you, Avi.

Aaaaand Avi totally geeked out. And with good reason: apparently this branch had an award-winning kiddie section. Ya think?

*Sniff* (Wipes tear). I’m so proud. A return trip is definitely in order. Hopefully with daddy in tow as well.


One comment on “Avi, Vidi, Vici

  1. am so jealous! that looks like heaven indeed!

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