5 Hints on How Not To Sell

I can understand how salesmen and business owners LOVE to use every available opportunity to pimp their company and products. Who doesn’t want to be a success, right? But there are certain tactics that just don’t work. Take a hint. Take 5.

Don’t #1: Don’t ambush your potential customer as he emerges from the bathroom.

Don’t #2: Don’t pitch when you’re in a public corridor, and not in an office of any kind.

Don’t #3: Don’t just shove a business card in the face of your potential customer (really a victim now, at this point) and expect him to take it well.

Don’t #4: Don’t launch straight into your spiel: “We’re xxxx. We can do xxxx for a great price.” Not even a faux conversation to pretend you find me interesting? For shame.

 Don’t #5: Don’t drop the bomb and move on to the next guy. It’s not “efficiency”, it’s rude. But then again, you won’t have to watch victim #1 toss your card into the garbage.

This morning I experienced all five in the space of five seconds, and five hours later I’m still annoyed as hell.

I call this the “Pop, Drop, and Flop”.


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